Tub/Shower Repair & Installation

Tub/Shower Repair & Installation

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Shower Repair Services

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Tub/Shower Valves & Cartridges

Drain Cleaning & Leak Repair

Fixtures & Trim Updates

Tub/Shower Valves & Cartridges

If you are having issues getting hot water, shower head dripping, tub taking too long to fill... a valve or shower cartridge replacement may be the solution. Valves & cartridges regulate temperature and pressure in your bath/shower and have many functioning parts. In time these parts become worn or damaged. Our technicians can diagnose the issue and suggest ways to remedy the situation, from replacing a cartridge or seal, to replacing the valve.

Shower Remodels & Fixture Updates

Whether your looking to do simple trim updates, to full shower remodels and plumbing reconfigurations - our expert plumbers have decades of combined experience and knowledge of plumbing systems, layout and design to help turn your vision into reality.

Slow/Clogged Drains

Stopped up drains? We do that too! Tub & shower drains are a magnet for hair and other items that tend to hang out in your drains, causing your drain to become partially or fully clogged. We carry specialty tools for drain cleaning and clogged drain repair.

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