Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Gas Line Repair

As a licensed contractor, we can help locate and repair gas leaks and loose fittings, as well as pressure test gas lines. Natural Gas and Liquid Propane are actually ordorless, so as a safety measure they are processed with an additive that gives off a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs. If you notice a lingering rotten egg smell near a gas line or gas appliance, turn the gas off at your meter or propane tank and contact your gas provider.

Gas Line Installation

Gas lines must meet certain specifications to prevent harmful gas leaks and ensure proper delivery to the gas appliance for efficient and safe use. Whether you are looking to install a new gas line for a BBQ or Fire Pit or extend a gas line to add an appliance, it is important to work with a licensed contractor that will ensure your gas line is installed properly and to code.

When our plumbing technicians enter a home to repair or install a gas line, the safety of the customer and their home is above all. We use quality materials that are both reliable and affordable. Before our job is complete, we pressure test our work to ensure our gas line installation meets all local requirements and check each fitting for a secure fit and safe use.

Gas Appliance Installation

Looking to install a gas dryer or stove? Give us a call! Our technicians can help with gas line extensions, gas valves and supply line connections, and gas appliance installations.

NOTE: We do not install gas/propane conversion kits - please contact an appliance company for conversion kit installation.

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