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Out of sight, out of mind, right? We rely on our septic/sewer lines to get rid of the waste from our homes. We don’t really care how it’s done, until there is an issue… With a majority of the pipes being underground, they’re not as protected as you may think. Over time, the pressure around your sewer line may cause it to shift, crack or corrode which could cause a variety of issues.

Our camera system provides our technicians with the ability to:

  • Provide crystal clear, HDR video recordings
  • Accurately pinpoint location & depth of breaks, roots, stoppages and other issues for repair
  • Measure proper grading angle


Purchasing a Home?
Your sewer lines aren't exactly top-of-mind when purchasing a home, but a thorough sewer inspection could reveal potential issues or costly repairs that may help in your decision to purchase.

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Common Issues

Root Intrusion

Roots growing into sewer lines is a common issue. A tiny crack in your sewer line could open the doorway to some big issues. As the waste water seeps from the line it becomes a magnet for the roots of trees, bushes and other plants. As roots fight for the water they enter the line through the crack and expand, latching on to other debris. This can cause issues ranging from slow drainage to complete blockages.

With our sewer inspection equipment, we can easily locate and mark the location of roots as well as offer options to get rid of them.

Pipe Corrosion

Depending on the year your home was built, you may experience these types of issues with your sewer lines. Years or decades of wear and tear on cast iron pipe can cause corrosion in the line, leading to leaks, breaks and other issues. Similar issues can occur with plastic sewer pipes as well due to improper installation.

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