Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report puts the average bathroom remodel at $16,128. This figure simply screams “bad idea” or “not anytime soon” for many homeowners. Still, there are many out there who need to improve old homes or updates ones they need to sell. Can anything be done? Here’s the good news. A better bathroom IS possible without the high investment, and for some homeowners, a bathroom or kitchen upgrade is only a few hundred dollars away!
colorful tiles

1. Add colorful tile for personality.

Brighten up a neutral bathroom with brightly colored tile. If tiling your entire bathroom is out of the question, mix and match tile colors above the sink or bathtub to create your own wall mosaic. Consider choosing a colorful grout to further customize your creation.

revitalize cabinetry

2. Revitalize your cabinetry.

Give life to old cabinets by restaining, painting or refacing them. Or replace them altogether with new cabinets. While bathroom cabinets can help set the tone of the room, they also need to be functional. Choose cabinets that provide adequate storage or add additional shelving to your current cabinets.

change your light fixtures

3. Change your light fixtures.

Swap out your old light fixtures for newer ones that allow the option of having softer light for those relaxing evenings in the tub as well as brighter light for getting ready in the morning.

replace your plumbing fixtures

4. Replace your plumbing fixtures.

Nothing dates a bathroom like a dingy, basic 1970s chrome faucet. Today’s faucets have become the inspiration for an entire bathroom. From elegant waterfall to traditional fixtures, chrome to brass, there are more options than ever to choose from.

try a new wall treatment

5. Try a new wall treatment.

The simplest—and most inexpensive—way to update any room is to tackle those walls. The small space is the perfect place to try a bold color or bright shade that might be overwhelming elsewhere in your home.

update electrical for entertainment

6. Upgrade your electrical to enjoy entertaining and relaxing benefits.

People are spending more and more time in their bathrooms these days—relaxing, rejuvenating, and just hiding away. And, now there are more uses for an electrical outlet than a hair dryer. Consider upgrading your electrical system to allow for entertainment (TVs and stereos) and relaxation (jetted foot tubs and facial saunas).


7. Re-Grouting.

Owners of newer homes might be have little worry about how their tile looks. In older houses, however, perfectly functional tile may end up looking terrible due to stains, discoloration, mold or mildew growth, and simply the effects of age on your grout.

bathtub refinishing

8. Bathtub Refinishing.

In many bathrooms, the fixtures that are already in place are completely functional but simply look bad due to years of use. Stains in your bathtub that cannot be removed can look unsightly, but the relatively simple and inexpensive process of refinishing can give you a brand new surface and have a dramatic effect on the room as a whole.

install new mirrors

9. Install New Mirrors.

A good bathroom will have many head-turning facets, but if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us spend a lot more time looking at ourselves in the bathroom than we do the tile, tub, or flooring. Since mirrors are obviously one of the most heavily viewed parts of any bathroom, upgrading the one you have will be a very noticeable improvement.